TBS Resicom has been servicing the telecommunications needs of business customers in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming since 1981. Our core business is installing and servicing telephone systems, voice mail systems and a variety of ancillary products manufacturered by the top companies in the industry.

TBS Resicom began its operations during the time of industry deregulation, when a flood of telecommunications products hit the market and there was an endless source of manufacturers and products introduced as an alternative to those provided by regulated telephone companies. We have watched many of those manufacturers disappear, merge with other companies, or retreat from the the industry over the years. Local Service Providers and Long Distance Providers engaged in fierce competition during this era to capture as much market share as possible, sometimes to their own demise.

TBS Resicom began an intensive evaluation during this period, to determine what products and services were most important and how to present this information to the business customer. The result was simple. We needed to consult with the customer and become a good listener. We needed to know what our customers do, what they are in business for, how they communicate with their customers, what difficulties they were having with communications, and what could we provide to satisfy their needs.

1) Today, TBS Resicom offers a complete elecommunications analysis. No Charge!

2) TBS Resicom offers administrative and customer training. No Charge!

3) TBS Resicom will determine the local and long distance providers
available and issue orders on behalf of customers. No Charge!

The concept of consultation is not new. It is simply essential in order to provide our customers with the quality of service and support that they have a right to expect.

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