TBS Resicom provides telephone systems, paging systems, and a complete array of ancillary equipment to meet the needs of business customers.

TBS Resicom takes a consultive aproach with its customers so that specific applications can be evaluated and sound recommendations can be made to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to their communications requirements. We not only look for the right systems to meet our customers needs, we also analyze the telecommunications costs associated with local telephone service and long distance service to ensure that our clients have a complete and comprehensive view of the services that are available within their footprint.

Our direct dealer relationships with top manufacturers allows us to provide the best products available in the marketplace.

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Inf30 Display

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GN Netcom 9120
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INT 3000
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Axxess 8520

Axxess 8560 Mini+DSS

Other Products

Telephone Conferencing

Accessline Teleconferencing
Access Line Power Point

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