Call accounting is a wonderful management tool to allow companies to more easily understand it's communication expenses including line usage, long distance and even advertising expenses.

It is a software program installed on an on site computer that will generate reports including by station, line, longest call or even to certain area codes. Attorneys or other professionals who bill for their time on the phone also find this to an extremely useful tool.

Advertising expenses can be tracked by advertising different lines (or DID numbers see T-1 for more info) or by programming account codes for different types of calls.

Reports can be pulled at any time - or for a real time saver the system can be programmed to automatically email the report of your choice at specified times. Foe example a long distance report can be generated on the last day of every month at midnight and email to management or accounting personnel.


T-1 is a pipeline provide by Qwest or a host of different CLEC's (competitive local exchange carriers Such as ICG or McLeod) It is a two-wire digital circuit that is a pipeline into which you can put up to 24 Lines into a business or can have a leg to the internet. It's capacity is 1.44KPS It can bring Local or Long distance lines.

Some advantages to T-1 are:

  • Only 2 pair circuit. So if facilities in an area are a problem a T-1 can minimize the problem.
  • A long distance T-1 can deliver very low cost per minute. Sometimes as low as .02 or .04 per minute.
  • A T-1 can also deliver DID trunks. These trunks allow 100's of numbers which can be used as private lines to your employees. So when a 7 digit number is dialed it will ring directly to that employee without going to the receptionist.
  • An integrated T-1 can bring lines and some band width to the internet. Such as 8 Lines and 1024 to the internet.


This is a T-1 which delivers up to 23 Lines. The 24th channel is used to deliver data to the telephone system. It will do what a regular T-1 will do but also deliver incomming and outgoing Caller ID.

This type of T-1 can also deliver DNIS. This is dialed number indentification service. The way it is usually used is if different numbers are advertised they can be identified so a company can know which number was dialed.

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